About Global Flying Loss of Training Expenses insurance

For those considering a challenging and exciting career as a professional pilot, the significant cost involved in obtaining a commercial pilot licence is a key consideration.

Global Flying Services can offer valuable and inexpensive protection against the possibility of incurring considerable debt as a trainee pilot if you are unable to complete your training course and recover your training fees as a result of an accident or illness. Our loss of training expenses insurance meets the requirements of major banks offering loans for training, providing you with further peace of mind for the financial aspect of your training course.

We also offer a seamless conversion to a loss of licence policy for trainee pilots upon completion of training and entering employment as a commercial pilot.

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Who we can insure

The policy is available for individual training pilots resident in the UK or EEA who are training for a commercial pilot licence.

If you are an insurance broker looking to set up a group scheme or policy, please contact Ian Groves on 0203 019 1120 or Jenny Gu on 0203 019 1121 or email policies@globalflyingservices.com

Key benefits

We understand the benefit of clear policy wordings so that trainee pilots, in addition to flight schools and any financial institutions involved, have clarity regarding the coverage in place. Our standard policy includes:

  • Up to £120,000 lump sum insured
  • Living expenses benefit
  • Worldwide cover
  • Gap cover should illness or injury prevent newly qualified pilots from seeking initial employment as a commercial pilot
  • Loss of licence conversion without further application
  • No extra charge for rotor-wing trainee pilots